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Stocking up for tiger tracking in Phnom Phen

Conservation Canine crew depart the WWF office in Phnom Penh and head to the field

The canine crew saw some sights of the city and had tons of shopping to do for supplies, not to mention packing and organizing the gear we’ll need for the next four months of field work. Whew! Check out those trucks! It took us 3 fully packed WWF trucks to head out to Mondulkiri province, in NE Cambodia.  Mereuch, a field station and our first stop, is a 4 hour drive from Sen Monorum, which was 7 hours from Phnom Phen.  There were 3 river crossings we had to make it through; it was a very exciting and bumpy drive.  We saw an endangered green peafowl!!

Sadie takes the front seat for the trip!

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