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First encounter with illegal visitor presence

For our first camping trip, the gear came in on motorbikes and the canine crew hiked 11km to a camp beside a river.Liz and Sadie saw a Douc monkey, Guar tracks and scat and banteng bones.  Jennifer and Scooby came across fresh campsites from illegal visitors. Sadie also came across 2 leopard scrapes on the road and boy did we understand the meaning of tick bombs!!

On the hikeback to Mereuch, Liz and Jennifer, with Sadie and Scooby, had a small detour through very painful thorns (had to get on our hands and knees to make it through some extra thick areas) but thanks to the Garmin Foretrex GPS we made it safely to the base camp at Mereuch.

The team's four modes of transport

Sadie - hotel security dog

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