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Encounter with King Cobra

Sadie and I were in some great looking habitat (big shady trees, hidden waterholes) but before I knew it she had her tail between her legs and was stopped dead, looking at something on the ground.  I noticed a very large scaly tail by my feet and told her to come. Of course, she had spooked a King Cobra causing it to rear up! Sadie made it safely back to me and Vong (my Cambodian orienteer for the day), and with shaking hands I managed to take a picture after a couple of tries.

Scooby had a record scat day! 24 detections found along low use roads and a dry drainage!! We think they are all leopard but everything counts.  Scooby, while cooling off in a water hole, scared off an otter and a fishing owl.

Sadie found a King cobra!


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  1. uhh scary 😀 i didnt see the cobra the first time..

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