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Checking-in to Choul Outpost

Today, the Dog Team headed out to Choul Outpost in the northwest corner of Mondulkiri Protected Forest.  And little did we know the adventure we were in for! Jen and Scooby ran into Elds deer while surveying a drainage, meanwhile, Liz and Scooby walked into a fishing camp, a herd of cattle and a couple of water buffalo!

That night at Choul came with a little more than we bargained for. As Jen and I were settling down for the evening, eating cookies and contemplating life, we saw in the black of the night a light in the distance. After staring for several minutes, we finally realized it was flashlight. Could this be poachers, loggers or axe murderers (our imaginations were running a little wild)?! We altered the rangers and they set off in pursuit but unfortunately they didn’t find anyone that night.

This water buffalo was caught on camera trap in Mondulkiri

Can you spot the Eld's deer?

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