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Off the beaten track

Heath arrived with Max, our back-up dog, a couple days ago! We headed out into Mondulkiri for some intense dog and handler training, and to find more tiger scat. After a full few days of training, we changed our plans and all headed out on a hike north of Trapeang Chhouk.  While we all knew it was going to be a long day, we had NO idea what we were getting into.  Lets just say, 15 kilometers, 38 degrees Celsius, walking through a burned area (no shade), ran out of water, AND lost our elephant (with our supplies and a couple of rangers!). Whoa, right?! Luckily, just before sunset, the elephant and rangers arrived at the waterhole Heath and Oudom had found and we all ate a very late dinner in the dark.  The next day was spent sleeping in and taking a much needed rest for the dogs.

Hiking in ash

Jen and Max covered in ash stop for a much deserved drink


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